Flag Program

The Canyon Creek Homeowners Association Flag Program is in its 8th year of operation, and the number of flags displayed has risen to over 1,400 flags.

Four Patriotic Holidays are observed:

  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • Patriot Day (September 11)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)

The flags are installed on the Saturday on or prior to the actual holiday, and they are retrieved on the following Saturday. The neighborhood is divided into 10 separate installation routes that are assigned to Boy Scout Troops and the Aldridge PTA Dad’s Den for installation and retrieval. Each group is paid $2 per flag for each of the 4 holidays. Between holidays the flags are stored in a private storage facility owned by a Canyon Creek resident. We pay him $200 per month for the year round use of his storage facility.

The price of an annual Flag Subscription is $35 plus $15 annual dues. Only current members can get a flag subscription. After each holiday, the flag subscription fee is reduced by $10 so residents can subscribe throughout the year. However, the required $15 Annual Dues are not discounted since they are based on a Calendar Year basis.

There are several local areas that have copied our Flag Program concept, but ours is the only one that is run by a Homeowners Association. One of them is in the Cottonwood Creek Civic Association neighborhood just to our western edge. They have about 30 to 40 flags in their program that is run by the Richardson Central Rotary Club. Unfortunately, their close proximity to our neighborhood frequently causes conflicts in the minds of some of our residents since they observe Flag Day and Labor Day, which we do not. They also have different installation days.

Our Headquarters for Membership and the Flag Lease Program is located in the Allstate Insurance Agency Office in II Creeks Shopping Center next to the Sweet Firefly Ice Cream Shop.

Jay Dalehite
Flag Program Coordinator
Cell: 214.356.1087